Keep positive attitude.

A new week and a new month!

I hope you guys had an amazing May, and look forward to an awesome June. Summer in Europe is the season of the cherries, one of my favorite fruits. I love cherries!

This month, let’s try to work on our intentions, new ideas and new goals. Turn your worries into positive thoughts, and keep a positive attitude in order to remember what your plan is every day.

You may want to write down those ideas or thoughts, and let the Universe to take care of it. The Universe has magnificent powers to transform your ideas and dreams into a reality.

It’s not just about writing down an idea and waiting for it to happen. You have to work for it, believe in it, and want it with all your heart. If you do all these things and have the true intention, the road you have to take will suddenly become clear to you. The obstacles will move aside and once you see the first results coming in, you won’t get tired of trying over and over again.

Most of us are confused about what we truly want to do in life. Be open to trying new things, and a lot of good will happen. You might actually learn about something new, and it turns into something you really want to do.

I am 39 and still confused most of the time, but wont stop trying new things until I know what I want. Knowing ourselves is the most difficult thing to achieve, but give it a try. Take as many chances as you can, because in the end life is a wonderful gift from God.

Recently I watched a documentary called @thesecret365 and it talks about the law of attraction. Sometimes when we think of negative things and the common phrase “What can go wrong?” everything that goes wrong, is something that we thought of. Just thinking of that idea brought it to life. So it can also be used the opposite way. Think when you wake up in the morning, of all the things that can actually go right for you,  in that day, instead of what could go wrong.

If we truly believe in the best versions of ourselves, we can live and think like we are already in that position. Before you know it, you’ll look around and realize that you’re there.

Knowing your true value and knowing that you can do anything is a lesson we all need to be reminded of. Walk through this life with conscious awareness, learn more about yourself, know who you really are and what you really want, and you might be surprised of what you could find out.

Look foward and wish for the best.

Love D:

I’ll be glad to take your advice too about your life experiences, so please share your thoughts with me. We are here to learn from each other and help each other. We are all One. 🙏