Yoga Nidra at Seabird Resort 2/2/20 (Boracay, Philippines)


An hour and 30 minutes of Yin & Yoga Nidra condensed into 4 minutes.

at Seabird Resort 2/2/20

 Can’t wait to do another one!

It was such an amazing experience.🦋


Thank you so much to everyone who joined my event, thank you seabird resort for hosting it, thank you @KevinEdwardMusic for all the light effects, video and pictures, and thank you Isla yoga. Without you, none of this would have been possible.


Taz Rashid, your music was just perfect and gave that extra touch that I was looking for my class. The day before my class I wasn’t sure yet about what music should I play. I was still searching for the perfect song because I wanted to give the best experience possible. Taz came out with a post talking about his new music and Voila, the answer to my prayers! We nourished our souls, and were deeply relaxed with the sound of his 🎼 . 🙏

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