I’m on Patreon! Get 8 classes for 13$


I’m humbled to announce that I’ll be giving yoga classes on patreon.com every Wednesday and Sunday morning 9 o’clock, (+0800 Philippines 🇵🇭 ).

Take a break from all the madness that is happening right now, join me for a 75 minutes class. Will be doing mostly Hatha, followed by Pranayama, short Meditation.

After each class you’ll feel relaxed, calm mind, right amount of energy 🤗

I’ll see you on the mat. ❤️

Easy steps to subscribe, just follow the link below.


The classes on Patreon will only stay on patreon, you can have twice a week classes for the total of 8 classes per month foe as low as 13 USD, this is a great deal, lower that the price for a yoga class in any yoga studio. plus you can create your own space at home, your own yoga corner. Another benefit you can get from that is if you’re having a tight schedule or you do not own a car and you have to ask to your friends to get you around, then why not just staying at home and have a nice practice right there, maybe even in your own garden, or your outdoor space.

Practice with me, so we can know each other better and why not, be friends. I always believed that there’s a reason always for meeting people, when someone comes into our life, God send them for a reason, either to learn from them or to be friends with them.

I’m also available on Skype, for private classes. Would be great to book or cancel your class in advance for a better understanding and respect of each other.( everybody’s sake)

Skype: dany.hit@gmail.com

The payment for the private classes on Skype can be done through the shop…..

  • Please book/cancel your class in advance
  • Please be on time for classes
  • Please keep phones silent during the class
  • Let me if you have any pre-existing health condition or injuries
  • Be aware of your space
  • Practice Ahimsa …(non violence)
  • Above all else, be kind…kindness is cool

                                                                      NAMASTE 🙏

                                        Yoga rates:

Private class 75 minutes 17 USD / class

                     60 minutes 15 USD /class

                    45 minutes 13 USD /class