Diving & Yoga

In diving, just like in yoga, you can practice Pranayama. if you want to stay longer under the water you better do it. Fewer breaths per minute means a longer time with your oxygen tank.

The only difference of doing Pranayama on the mat is that you’re breathing in and out through the nose, and in the water you’ll be breathing through your mouth.

Breathe slowly to get more minutes of diving just like in yoga. By supporting your practice with the breath, you’ll stay longer in a pose and feel less tired. Also, by further holding the poses (asan) you’ll get all the benefits from it.

In yoga the most used technique is called ujjayi breathing (ocean sound), which translates to “expand successfully” –precisely what you’re training your lungs to do. When doing ujjayi breathing, you pull slow, steady breaths, fully filling and emptying your lungs.

Breathing properly is very important, and is considered to be the essential connection between the body and mind. In some cases, it helps calm the mind and relax, but sometimes can also give energy when you’re feeling tired. Our lungs have a big capacity, but we only use 10% of it!

Practice Pranayama regularly and you’ll notice the difference. If you’re not into yoga then go scuba diving 🤗

Prana=life force, energy

Ayam =extend

So by practicing Pranayma, you’re basically extending your life span.

Love D: