NEW UPDATE: I’m going OnLine ☺️

Practice with me FREE yoga class, this coming Wednesday, April the 1st., morning 9 o’clock (+0800 Philippines 🇵🇭).

Will be live on FACEBOOK, be online too, that’s all you have to do 🤗 and of course prepare your nice SHANTI  place for the practice.

Yayyyy, I’ll see you on Wednesday. ☀️

I can’t wait 😊

if you’re not my friend yet on FaceBook, just follow the link:

I’m also available on Skype, for private classes. Would be great to book or cancel your class in advance for a better understanding and respect of each other.( everybody’s sake)


The payment for the private classes on Skype can be done through the shop…..

  • Please book/cancel your class in advance
  • Please be on time for classes
  • Please keep phones silent during the class
  • Let me if you have any pre-existing health condition or injuries
  • Be aware of your space
  • Practice Ahimsa …(non violence)
  • Above all else, be kind…kindness is cool

                                                                      NAMASTE 🙏

                                        Yoga rates:

Private class 75 minutes 17 USD / class

                     60 minutes 15 USD /class

                    45 minutes 13 USD /class